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Local Produces

Wines: we offer a wide range of wines from our local vineyards such as: Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Albana and Pagadebit from Nespoli, Fattoria Paradiso, SanPatrignano, Spalletti and Battistini wineries.

Anchovies: we are in partnership with “The old anchovies factory of Cesenatico”, whom prepares the daily fished anchovies in oil and salt to guarantee an unchanged freshness and flavour.

Cheeses: a wide selection of the best hard and soft local cheeses: Pecorino, Squaquerone and formaggio di fossa.

Fruits & Vegetables: every morning before down we get fresh fruits and vegetables from our local farmers.

Bakery: genuineness and tradition blend together to offer a wide assortment of local bakery products.

And many other products such as: caramelise figs, Cervia’s salt and Limoncello.

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